Andrew Fleming’s Family Tree Research

I am starting this blog to help and publicise my research into our ancestors.

The first set of parents are Verley, Coggan, Fleming and Farquharson. Also interested in Hennessy from Ireland. The Verley and Farquharsons had strong Jamaica connections in the 1800’s, and the Coggans, India.

Going back another generation we add the names of Vardon, Norfolk, Thiel and Peat.

Of special interest is the Grossteinbeck (Steinbeck) family who left Germany (Prussia) in the 1840’s for Palestine.

My family research started with the Sandeman family and I would like extend the research started by John Glas Sandeman and brought up to date by Gerard Lionel Sandeman in 1950.

I have spent a great deal of time onĀ  the Farquharson family and again would be happy to see if I can help fellow researchers.

Anyone interested please contact me at andrew at all one word replacing at with @